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Exploring, Experiencing, Expanding into Love

Course Description

Course Description

An On-Demand pre-recorded Workshop.

3 recorded sessions

We have all heard about love, we have all dreamt about it, we have all experienced it one way or another. But is this enough? Did it leave us fulfilled? Is that all there is to it? deep inside we know that there is more to discover about Love, that there must be more, but how to find it? In these three sessions we will delve deeper into what Love really is, we will explore it, experience it, and expand our awareness of it so that it will become a clear, tangible reality in our life. In the first session we will see what love really is and what stops us from experiencing it, in the second one we will look into our ability and our willingness to receive love and what it implies for us, in the third we will talk about an important element that’s very often overlooked and misunderstood: being loved. This course gives you the tools necessary to make love a concrete reality and for your life to be completely changed by finally choosing love as your priority.

Course Details

3 pre-recorded sessions with meditation and exercises

PRICE:  $198.00

Conscious Co-Creation

Course Description

Course Details

An On-Demand pre-recorded workshop

Receive 12 months of  access to a virtual classroom with :

*Four 2/hour recorded sessions

*4 guided meditations (w/downloadable audio version)

*Downloadable class materials

Course Description:

You are the creator of your reality.
You can create this reality in positive or negative ways.
Your own awareness is manifested externally in your life.

Consider the possibility of consciously co-creating your reality. Empowered with your desire and deliberately affirming that you want to reach all of the happiness, love, and satisfaction that is rightfully yours.

In ‘Conscious Co-Creation’, Shama will guide you to become progressively more conscious as you choose to create in a constructive way.

You will become aware of the mental processes which encourage you to hold on to the limited expressions of self that are preventing you from realizing who you really are.

As your awareness expands, the external manifestation and experiences of your reality will begin to change as the old reality, based on your old consciousness, starts reconstructing itself in delightful and surprising ways.

Working with the universal power within, you will be guided to reinforce your mind with the necessary creative energy to sweep away all that stops and blocks you from experiencing the greater, positive expression of who you are.

Our goal is to consciously create a new reality where the limited merges with the limitless to manifest the reality of your dreams.

Mastering The Art of Divination

Course Description

Course Details:

An On-Demand pre-recorded course.

Seven recorded 90-min sessions.  Each session reviews one of the spreads from the Bral Talej instruction book.

A Bral Talej deck included with purchase.


Course Description

Learning to read all seven spreads found in the Bral Talej booklet is the first step on the journey to become a professional Bral Talej card reader.  In this level I course, you will have an opportunity to practice one of the spreads for yourself as Shama guides you to unlock the meaning of what the cards are saying.   Shama offers additional divination workshops (levels II and III) for those interested in continuing towards certification and ultimately becoming Professional Readers.

About Bral Talej Deck

Created by Shama Viola to fill a void she perceived in available Oracle Decks, the Bral Talej deck is based on the sacred symbols of an esoteric language and the paintings of Oberto “Falco” Airaudi, founder of the Federation of Damanhur in Italy.

Bral Talej divination cards are based on an ancient esoteric language that precedes the subdivision of languages and is believed to be the matrix of all languages. The cards display the beautiful ancestral symbols of the Sacred Language in gleaming gold, set against vibrant, powerful paintings, with the English, French, Italian, Spanish and German translations of the symbols’ meanings for clear, straightforward reading of the cards. This sacred expression creates a resonance inside each individual which allows the user to easily read the message inherent in each card.

From Self-Awareness to Self Realization

Course Description


Four 90-minute Recorded Sessions in a virtual classroom (access for 12 months) 

Explore the 7 Steps to Spiritual Freedom with Shama Viola.  In these four recorded sessions,  Shama shares powerful teachings from Lazaris. Now, you can enjoy them on-demand.  Each of the four sessions includes a 90-minute video, a downloadable audio meditation, a pdf copy of the presentation notes, and weekly exercises.






“The Ties That Bind”

Course Description

“The Ties that Bind”

Understanding Present Relationships by Unravelling Past Ones

with Shama Viola (Manuela Terraluna)

*A live, interactive 8 sessions intensive

You have probably asked yourself a number of times, why are you in a particular relationship with someone, what might you need to learn from it, and why the two of you are together in this life?

‘The Ties That Bind’ is a dynamic new course that helps you recognize how your past experiences, might be influencing your current relationship in either positive, or in less than desirable ways. Reviewing those past experiences will help you understand some present patterns and behaviors that enhance, or hinder, a smooth interaction between the two of you.

Knowing your past connections can: reinforce your current relationship; bring more appreciation for what you have together now; or might resolve and heal misunderstandings, fears, blocks and negative feelings that make the relationship difficult.

The information, exercises and meditations offered, will either strengthen your bond with the person in question, or support you in freeing yourself from old agreements, vows, karmic engagements or distorted beliefs.

Through the understanding acquired in the course, you will find it easier to learn the lesson and appreciate the gift of this current relationship with this particular person.

Over these 8 live sessions, you will:

  • Explore four different lives you had with the individual of your choosing, gaining valuable insights into the uniqueness and meaning of each life’s connection.
  • Identify the gifts and unravel -or rearrange- the ties binding you together
  • Release the past in a loving manner and free yourself to create the relationship you desire in the here and now. Or strengthen the bond you already have with this other person, appreciating and enjoying it even more.

“The Ties That Bind”  is presented as 8 sessions virtual online interactive event.  Each day you will be with Shama for several hours… so be prepared to be engaged for the whole time.  

PRICE:  $333.00

DATE: November 19th


(The last -4th- Sunday will be 3 hours and will include a final closing process)

  1. Sat., November 19th          1:00 – 3:00pm ET
  2. Sun., November 20th.        1:00 – 3:00pm ET
  3. Sat., November 26th          1:00 – 3:00pm ET
  4. Sun., November 27th.        1:00 – 3:00pm ET
  5. Sat., December 3rd            1:00 – 3:00pm ET
  6. Sun., December 4th           1:00 – 3:00pm ET
  7. Sat.,  December 10th         1:00 – 3:00pm ET
  8. Sun., December 11th         12:00 – 3:00pm ET

*Zoom may go longer if additional time is needed.  There will also be required ‘homework’ from Shama to do after the zoom call so be prepared to be engaged for the weekend

**Registration closes 30 days before the course start date.

**Class Size is limited.

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