Unlock Your Potential,
Unleash Your Inner Brilliance.

ARE YOU READY to experience the Magic of Your True Self? Journey with Jennifer into the subtle realms and explore the four realms of SELF.  Unearth hidden resources, access quantum gifts and activate your greater capacities as you awaken the POSSIBLE HUMAN seeded within.

Your Adventure Awaits…. (video short below)





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The Magic of Meditation

Your Key to Awakening Hidden Potentials

Free Offerings: Sample various meditation techniques, Discover Primordial Sound-Lesson 1 and Explore new tips with ‘Perfecting Your Practice’.

Meditation Community

Harmonizing Hearts, Elevating Minds

Experience the power of group meditation while enhancing your personal practice.  Join us any day, or every day for Morning Meditations (free)

Guided Meditation Library

Journeys to Explore, Elevate, Evolve

Delve into the realm of possibilities with our collection of meditations.  Browse, sample, and download your favorites to enjoy at your own pace.



Dream, Manifest: In-Visioning the Possible

Transform your Mondays with our powerful weekly sessions.  Nourish your dreams, access profound wisdom, & experience the healing coded within.

Adventures in Consciousness

Step out of your mind & into your power.

Ready to embark on a 13-week odyssey of self-discovery? ‘AIC-The Course’ takes you on fully experiential journeys into the many dimensions of you.

Wisdom Gatherings

& Soul Mentoring

 Activate, Integrate, & Realize the Possible

Private 1-on-1 and intimate group sessions offering Mentoring, Meditation, and Energy Healing aligned with your unique needs, gifts and journey.

What’s New

Adventures in Consciousness

From Source to Radiance:

A Journey of the Soul

In this weeks episode we explore the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry, particularly the symbolism of the center point and the circle. 

Meditations and Musings

Between Stillness & Action

This morning I was walking in my backyard the stilness as the world was just beginning to…


Meet Jennifer


Welcome to my world! I’m Jennifer, and for over four decades, I’ve been on an incredible journey exploring  the fascinating realms of human potential development and energy healing work. My quest has led me around the world, immersing in the profound realms of meditation, integrative medicine, consciousness, and personal transformation.

Now my greatest joy is sharing this wealth of knowledge with you. Come journey with me and discover the magic of who you really are!

40 Years of Expanding Human Potential

Dive into ‘Dimensions of the Sacred’ as you journey with Jennifer!  Experience transformative techniques in meditation, courses, energy healing, and sacred travel to unlock inner strengths, align with your soul’s purpose, and reveal hidden capactities.  Jennifer’s holistic mind-body-soul mentoring offers a coaching partnership that enriches life with creativity, clarity, purpose, and unwavering support.  Discover the power of living authentically and sharing your unique talents.  Explore inner journeys and human potential with us for profound possibilities.

“You are so gifted in this kind of work… as much as anyone I have every known.  The fact that you see deeply, you feel acutely, and you’ve also honed the skills of evocation, of bringing people alive.  This is what is so unique about you, understanding so many levels that we are dimensional beings and you know how to do it. I mean, You are a weaver of body, mind, and soul. What a pleasure it is to work with you.”           ~Jean Houston

“Jennifer Evanko is one of the most highly evolved human beings I have ever known. She is mindful, generous, talented, and wise.  As a mentor and friend, she is a magnificent soul guide of profound grace and understanding.”

Peggy Rubin, Director-Center of Sacred Theater & Author 'To Be and How To Be'

“A friend introduced me to your Countdown to a New Beginning series. During the first four days I cried, partly of sadness, but mostly for the joy and amazement of meeting my entelechy (and learning a new significant word as a bonus!).

Gisele G., Canada

“It’s not just a meditation… Its a journey… to gain better insight into yourself. Being a part of her circles has made a huge difference in my life and my ability to both perceive and perservere through the chaos in our world.”

Marsha M., PA

“I highly recommend Jennifer Evanko to all life adventurers who are interested in expanding their human potential.  She gave me some amazing personal insights in a mentoring session that continues, three months later, to inspire me.”

Mira L., Melbourne